In “The Seagull” he wrote, “After… a glass of vodka you are no longer Peter Sorin, but Peter Sorin plus somebody else,” a Jeopardy! clue on 2019-01-04 reminded me of the quote from Edward Rowland Sill, “First the man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the man.”  Chekhov must have read Sill’s, An Adage from the Orient, because he didn’t write the Seagull (1895) until after Sill died in 1887.

Will Eno

Michael C. Hall was on the 2018-11-02 episode of the Ask Me Another podcast and made the following statements.  The first I’m guessing is a line from the play Thom Pain (based on nothing) in which Hall is currently appearing, and the second is what Hall says is one of Will Eno’s favorite jokes.

  • “I’m the type of guy you may not hear from for some time; but then suddenly one day — bang  you never hear from me again.”
  • “People laugh when they said I was going to be a comedian, but they’re not laughing now.”


Guilt is like salt.  You put a little on, and it hides all the bitterness.

Commander Klaes Ashford, The Expanse S3:E9

Good mentorship

Even though I can’t solve your problems, I will be there as your sounding board whenever you need me.

Sandra K. Lamberson


Crazy don’t take no holiday

Marti R., 2017-11-18

Black Friday

You will have gold pieces by the bushel.

Fortune cookie

Let’s hope so, it’s Thanksgiving at our house…

You will be the guest of a gracious host.

Fortune Cookie