Pearls Before Swine, 2013-01-13
via Pearls Before Swine, 2013-01-13

As soon as the snow melts, we can resume the hostilities; but it doesn’t need to be that way.  Everyone should just try to be a little more considerate of each other.  Cyclists should wear lights at night, and stop jumping out in front of moving traffic; motorists should get off their cell phones, give cyclists three feet of room, and quit honking.

Really cool bicycle parking

Watch this video about a cool bicycle parking system in Japan.

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Mankato River Ramble

Finished the long route of the Mankato River Ramble yesterday, along with Jill.  The weather wasn’t the best, drizzly and in the mid-forties and the color wasn’t as vivid as it has been in prior years, but it was a nice day, we stopped for apples on Highway 169 on the way home, and had a good time.

Jill said that the 41.8 miles is her longest ride ever.  Way to go.


After a rainy Saturday, the weather cleared up, and we went for a thirty mile ride on the Saint Paul Parkway system, but backwards from the Saint Paul Classic Route.  Stopped at Perry Canton’s on the way through Indian Mound Park, and visited with him and a bunch of DNRers.  Perry will be retiring on Tuesday, October 1st after working for the state for forty years.

Tour de Sprawl

Rode the Tour de Sprawl with the Sierra Club today to see the path of the new Green Line extension that will go to Eden Prairie Mall.  Very interesting how we might actually be a real city some day…


Two big events today in the Twin Cities.  First was the Minneapolis Tour of Lakes, a forty mile loop around all the lakes.  This was my third time riding, and it was very nice to do the ride without a raging sinus infection like last year.  Total milage including the ride to the train, and the ride home was 53.44 miles.  See my track on Cyclemeter

The afternoon was Open Streets on University Avenue from Hamline to Marion Streets.  This could turn out to be really nice, especially when the train starts running.  We rented nice ride bikes (Really tanks on wheels) and rode the whole distance stopping to see the interesting bits.

The weather was nice for both, overcast, but no rain, and light winds.

Cannon Valley Trail

Dave Norling and I went down to the Cannon Valley Trail.  Had coffee in Red Wing, and rode back to the trail head in Cannon Falls and picked up vegetables at the farmers market before heading home.  The weather was perfect, and the trail wasn’t too busy.  Ride details here.

When I got home, I quickly mowed the lawn and then Jill and I headed to Nicollet Island for Margaret DiToro’s wedding.  We had a lovely time catching up with Luke, Mano, and Ayanthi.  The bride was gorgeous, the location at the pavilion was very nice, and the food was very good.  It was a little weird to have the groom’s father officiating, but I’ve been to weirder events.