Links — Development Tools

IP toolkits for cross platform software development
better than grep, a power search tool for programmers
Ajax loading gif generator
Alaska software
Mac OX Programmer's Editor
IEEE Computer society online bookshelf, FREE for members.
SSL Certificates at the right price... Free!
CSS Formatter and Optimiser
See what your design looks like if you were color blind
Use this tool to build a color scheme for a site
Component One
Banded reporting tools and server
Data Tables and Cascading Style Sheets Gallery
Web Based CSS Tweaker!
CSS Editor with X-Ray mode claimed to be a godsend when you’re troubleshooting CSS
MacRabbit's CSS Editor
Concurrent Versions System (CVS) for configuration management
The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines
The javascript toolkit (AJAX)
The PHP 5 HTML to PDF Converter
Software Distribution
Text Editor, HTML Editor, Programmers Editor for Windows supporting Unicode and JavaScript or VBScript macro
Server Side Java, Web Programming Technologies, and Web Services help
Light table and wallpaper changer
Project Management Software developed by Joel "on Software" Spolsky
Generate PDFs with PHP
Free Project Management alternative to Basecamp
Discussions about Ruby on Rails
Google's Developer Network - Project Hosting (~SourceForge)
CDDB SDK for metadata about music
Just about every animated GIF you could ever want
Icon Editor
The Most Intelligent Java IDE
Twelve sample XHTML/CSS templates
FTP and Messaging tools
Jasc Software
Bug tracking, issue tracking and project management software
Source Code Search Engine
The search engine for software developers
Adobe's color theme sharing site
Dreamweaver and other web development tools
Co-founder TheCodingMonkeys, Maintains Subversion for Mac OS X
Find web API's and Mashup's
Merb is a Ruby MVC framework that is ORM-agnostic, JavaScript library agnostic, and template language agnostic.
Distributed Revision Control
Best rated Mac PM Software
My favorite text editor. This is what I threw away WordStar for
Windows Front end for MySQL
Java IDE
Novell Developer Net
Ruby on Rails for Newbies
A cross platform database browser. Guess Oracle got tired of paying Quest for TOAD
Embedded Java Database
RoR in a boot and go format
REALbasic - Create your own software for Windows, Linux, Mac. Cross platform porting of VB applications.
RoR based Project Management software tool
Online Regular Expression Testing Tool
Best Practical Solutions, LLC: Request Tracker GPL Bug Tracking
The Unofficial RoR Blog
Ruby Users of Minnesota
Scarab project goal is to build a highly customizable Artifact tracking system for software engineering.
Subversion/SVN Client
PHP Template Engine
Everything you ever wanted to know about SOA, but were afraid to ask
Special Characters
Web Monkey reference page of special characters.
GUI for Oracle Management competing with TOAD
Squeak Smalltalk implementation
Mac Collaborative editing over the net in realtime.
Free TOAD frontend tool for use with the opensource database
Programming Contests, Software Development, and Employment Services at TopCoder
20 Common Bugs and Fixes and links to other CSS tips
Providing free, advanced source code to Visual Basic programmers since June 1998
vi text editor clone
IBM Visual Age for Java Zone
How to Install Subversion on Mac OS X
Reporting Systems for J2EE & .Net
File formats and other programming information
Making forms easy, fast, fun.
Colormatch redux: build a color scheme for your site