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Belt Sander Drag Racing
Big Things in Canada
Here you will find the complete text of the original Burma-Shave jingles, as archived in Frank Rowsome Jr.'s book The Verse by the Side of the Road.
Search for your favorite New Yorker Cartoon
Triumph the insult comic dog
Dilbert site
Hey Kid's! What time is it?
Dr. Science
Fake arrest stories
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
Haiku (Computer)
Very funny with items like Bill Gates In-Box
Joke wallpapers
Advertising games
Another American family is DESTROYED!
College Humor
Pull my finger
Say it loug, say it plowed.
Monty Python's Completely Useless Web Site
The funniest inappropriate handmade greeting cards
When a will just isn't good enough
Cease and desist letter from Hormel
Whad ya know? Not much. You?
Online Literature
If the internet existed in Middle Earth
RealAudio Help Page
Redneck Neighbor
Mirror contains the page in its original form
What kind of drunk are you?
Snood game
Everything you ever wanted to know about SOA, but were afraid to ask
Star Trek Plot summaries
Synthesoft screen saver
The 5th Wave
The Firesign Lexicon
The Force
The Onion
Satirical Newspaper
Theremin World
Urban Legends
Welcome to Vivo Interactive
What's better?
Word search and crossword puzzle construction kit