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Jeff Atwood's programming and human factors blog
Common Short Code Administration (SMS Directory)
Technology Professionals Blog
An amazing self-managed drive array. It makes me wonder if it's really a little Linux machine running ZFS on the drives...
How Dave Packard thought he should treat his employees.
Factor is a functional, dynamically-typed, object-oriented, stack-based programming language
Unique pottery and tile made right in Saint Paul
Control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse - Lifehacker
Computer Furniture
Manuals and papers for seminal work in computer science
Also has metro and outstate listings
Microsoft Outlook Web Access
Extraordinary spam, virus, and porn blocking for enterprise mail
How to pick non overlapping frequencies for your home router.
Password Analysis: Make stronger passwords
PCs for People takes donated computers and rebuilds, refurbishes and redistributes them to people with limited access to technology
Digitizing books one word at a time. Sweet idea!
Feed your old (Wordstar, etc.) documents in and get a PDF out.
Bean Bag Chair Furniture Store
IT Department Outsourcing Services
Replace the software on your Linksys router and make it sing. Also has links to other replacement firmware packages for linksys
TIOBE Programming Community Index
Unix System Administration Handbook and Linux Administration Handbook
Remote control KVM over TCP/IP (OS Agnostic)
The root of the Wiki world
An interesting way to keep your passwords readily available in clear text.