Links — Open Source

Jewelbox Builder aims to ease the creation of open-source apps. Framework for Eclipse, Ant, CVS, Struts, JUnit, Quantum DB, Hibernate, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL and JBoss applications.
Another PHP address book which seems promising
Open Source Enterprise Content Management (CMS) including Web Content Management. The world needs an alternative to SharePoint
A Concise apt-get / dpkg primer for new Debian users
Apache Software Foundation
Atom 1.0 Feed: discusson, specification and examples
(Automated GUI installation script) - Ubuntu Forums
Jive Software's Open Source Collaboration Software
Apache Cocoon is a web development framework built around the concepts of separation of concerns and component-based web development.
The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines
The javascript toolkit (AJAX)
A framework for object oriented PHP, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET Web development
Eric Raymond's Home page
Web Based Operating System. Taking your life everywhere. AJAX
Factor is a functional, dynamically-typed, object-oriented, stack-based programming language
Help establish the new standard
Free Software Foundation
Vanilla is an, open-source, standards compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible discussion forum for the web.
GNOME Project
Google Maps API Basic Tutorial
The GPL-violations project. Let's save the GNU!
PHP Framework - UNIX & Open Source
Open Source XBase/Clipper replacement
Open source PHP frameworks
Web scripts
Just for Fun Network Management System
Ready made server side infrastructure. Keel now brings together the power of Avalon, Cocoon, Struts, Hibernate, Velocity, WebWork2, Axis, Maverick, JBoss, OpenJMS, Turbine, Lucene, BSF, Jelly, JFreeChart, Quartz and more!
Source Code Search Engine (The google of source code search)
zegenie Studios' tool to help you choose a Linux distribution
Linux Online
Mitch Kapor's open PIM project
MVC Framework for PHP
CSS/HTML Templates
Personal Video Recorder like Tivo, but Open Source
O'Reilly Open Source Center
Open Office
Open Source Initiative
O'Reilly Open Books project
Try before you ... install. Demos of many blogging and other forms of content management web tools
News and feature articles on PHP and ADOdb database library.
Example code creating a secure PHP login script
PHP RDBMS Abstraction Layer - Creates a metadata layer abstraction between PHP and several RDMBS engines
PHP Web calendar
The Model View Controller Framework for PHP Web Applications
Creating Communities (Bulletin Board)
Enterprise database applications for PHP5
Mailing list management software
Wiki written in PHP
Eight Invaluable Wordpress Plugins!
Designs for XHTML CSS sites
Project Gutenberg
Red Hat Network
RoR based Project Management software tool
Enterprise Email and Calendaring on Linux
PHP and MySQL coding tips
Atomic commit replacement for CVS
Commercial Open Source CRM Software
The free and open database of Open Source projects
Open-source PHP5 web framework for AJAX apps
Twin Cities PHP User Group
A Flexible, Elegant and Easy-To-Use Content Management System.
Very clean PHP address book with MySQL backend
The Apache Project
The Linux Kernel Archives
The Perl Institute
Open source tools and services
OSS Solutions
ThinkFree Office
Online mySQL database administration AJAX style
A multi-user version of the WordPress blog software
Apache friends - The quick way to get the AMP part of a LAMP stack installed on various platforms, not just L
Linux distribution
Open Source Collaboration Suite - AJAX based
Zope is an open source application server for building content managements, intranets, portals, and custom applications.