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The history of management of public lands in the State of Minnesota
Guide to Singlish
Remember hard to remember things with mnemonics
Finally some help in tying knots
Phone searches, reverse number lookup, and find everyone on your street.
What's special about this number? About numbers
A.Word.A.Day--Today's Word
Generate barcodes
Over 10,000 fonts for free!
The Buzzword Compliant Dictionary
Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook. Everything you ever wanted to know about other countries but were afraid to ask.
Brooks, Shannon, Codd, Kay, Knuth, et cetera
London/Cockney rhyming slang dictionary
Use this tool to build a color scheme for a site
9800 Free Fonts, fonts for free, font finder, download free fonts, free typography
Common Short Code Administration (SMS Directory)
Eight tools for streamlined decision-making from 43 Folders
Online dictionary
Comparison of DOS and Unix command-line interfaces
A compendium of dumb laws on the books worldwide
Bandwidth Calculator, Byte Converter, Bit Calculator; Also a nice chart of the various telecomm trunk sizes dialup to OC-768
The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press
An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend.
A web page for every species of organism on this planet
Wayne Magnuson's English Idioms, Sayings and Slang
A wikipedia article including a description of the system in use before 1971
Profiling 46,000 cities, villages, towns, townships and podunks across America
Historical Events by year
The largest non-governmental regulator for all securities firms doing business in the United States.
Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
Directory of free online books
A searchable directory of glossaries and topical dictionaries.
Human Edited Web Directory
Manuals and papers for seminal work in computer science
Holy Bible
Thesaurus and Online dictionaries for: English, Computer, Dreams, and Medical terms.
IBM Patent Server
Step-by-step collaboration
Glossary of internet terms
Common Foodborne Pathogens
Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names
Languages, character sets, letter names, etcetera
Videos of various operating systems
Quick HOWTO: Linux Home Networking For Hobbyists & SOHO
SMS (Text-Messaging) Shorthand for Geeks Using Server Response Codes
Map Projects using Google Maps
Merriam Webster
Online Dictionary and Thesaurus
Check your doctor's background
Life insurance needs estimator, find out if you have enough insurance
National statistics with Maps & Graphs
NIST Clock
Superstitions Database
Expert Advice Tip Sheet -- 20 Ways To Say No
The John Quincy Wolf Collection of Ozark Folksongs
How to select a more secure password
All about fountain pens
Phobia Guide
Finally the premier globe application for OS/2 and Palm comes to Windows
A place dedicated to identifying words that shouldn't be used on the grounds that doing so makes you sound like a pompous ass.
What Is My IP? This site will tell you.
Translations British, American, Aussie
Radio Station Search Engine
Graphics Arts Community
Children's Books Online: the largest collection of illustrated antique children's books on line... we think.
All things Science Fiction
Software Engineering Proverbs collected by Tom Van Vleck
An interesting little site that will calculate your typing speed
The Slang Dictionary
Urban Legends Reference Pages
People search
State of Minnesota
Online portal to the State of Minnesota's government sites, auto registration, corrections, legislature, etc.
Linux Dictionary
Visual database of Tessellation (MC Escher style mathematically inspired drawings) images
Bringing Order to Calendrical Chaos!
Speed Cleaning Rules & More...
Historical Sounds in MP3 Format
A Mencken Cornucopia - guide to H. L. Mencken resources on the Web
Tracks new words and phrases
Famous quotes by famous people
A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces
Use these random passwords to lock down your WAP
Definition of Urban and Rural terms. Slang and other dirty words. Don't tell mother.
United States Postal Service
List of Torrent sites
How to correctly adjust your rear view mirrors
The free encyclopedia
Math, astronomy, biography, chemistry, and physics web sites. Home of Mathematica software
Statistics on world effects
Michael Quinion writes on international English from a British viewpoint
Overlay to a Google map showing Zip code tabulation areas