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Scripts for dealing with iTunes including building a playlist for all albums without artwork, and finding artwork with Google.
iPhone App and Game Reviews and News
better than grep, a power search tool for programmers
Show additional information about dates in the address book, like how old someone is
Set the primary email, address, and phone in Address Book
Alarm clock with iTunes support
Calibrating your computer's battery for best performance
Mac disk repair without an external startup disk
Making uninstalls as simple as installs.
Album Art Finder!
Manage you school assignments with this Logan Design application
Blogger who produces G4/5 optimized builds of Firefox
Blog item listing a selection of tools that a web developer might be interested in installing on a Mac
A real date driven todo list
Sync iCal and Google Calendar
A man page reader for your browser
Don't let your Mac fall asleep - Useful to keep it from falling asleep when you are watching movies or online video
Apple Portables: Calibrating your computer's battery for best performance
E-book management
Disregard thirty years of GUI advancement by immersing yourself in full-screen terminal mode with custom UI degredation.
Removes formatting attributes and fixes text
A finder replacement
See what your design looks like if you were color blind
Context Sensitive Computing for controlling setting like default printer, et cetera when you change locations
Left brain support for right brain professionals
Aqua frontend to cron
Cross Platform Clipboard Sharing over a network
CSS Editor with X-Ray mode claimed to be a godsend when you’re troubleshooting CSS
Code Poetry's package to create a virtual pdf printer so you can send print jobs directly to PDF on your desktop
FTP, SFTP, WebDav & Amazon S3 Browser
Provides an easy way to install various open-source products on the Darwin OS family (OpenDarwin, Mac OS X, Darwin)
Show anniversary dates from address book in iCal
Find the lowest prices on iPod, iBook, PowerBook, Mac, eMac, PowerMac G5, iMac, News on Apple Mac prices.
Make the current menu popup where the mouse is. Very useful.
Detach widgets from the Dashboard
Mac preference pane to edit custom dictionary
Dvorak Keyboard by Matias
Automatic adjustment of your monitor lighting to keep your retinas intact
Aqua frontend to MD5 compare
Add features to your Apple TV
Glims adds a cocktail of features to Safari (Tabs, Thumbnails, Full Screen, Search Engines, Search Suggestions, Forms autocomplete on, Dated download folders, Type Ahead ...)
automount cifs shares at login on mac os x tiger
mounting nfs volumes in os x
Single systemwide event notification conduit
Convert DVDs to MPEG4 files
Decrypt iTunes and iPod music / unprotect AAC files
Remove duplicate events and other cruft from iCal
Calendar Hosting & Library
iPod, iBook, & PowerBook Parts and Accessories. Also self repair guides
Getting Things Done integrated with Quicksilver and other mac apps
Free and Lean Image Editor
Manage multiple iPhoto libraries in Mac OS X
Replacement for the Mac OS X terminal shell
Join multiple tracks together
New Releases - Free Software for the mac population
Stands for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, MacBook
Find, remember, and learn menu shortcuts
Shareware including Alarm Clock Pro
GrapicConverter the Swiss Army Knife of Photo Manipulation
Easy and affordable vector drawing for your Mac!
A GUI tool for dealing with Startupitems, login items, and cron jobs
Monitor outgoing connections from software that wants to phone home
Used mac gear
Twenty freeware games
OS X tips and tricks!
How to be mouseless for many tasks.
Enable Hidden Features and Optimize Your System
See a tree-based view of folder structure in terminal
A better machine. A better magazine.
Get the most from X!
The Journal of Macintosh Technology
Resuscitate an unconscious Mac
Generate standard responses from your mail client
Aqua frontend to all kinds of command line tasks
Ripping Analog Audio on a Macintosh (How to)
Aqua frontend to man
Finest Mac Utilities
Utilities for OS X including TinkerToy and and NFS manager
Co-founder TheCodingMonkeys, Maintains Subversion for Mac OS X
Best rated Mac PM Software
Stuff for Office
Sync multiple macs without having a .mac subscription
Products for Mac
Batteries for all things Apple
Shared Calendar and Contact applications
MenuCalendarClock - instant calendar and clock
The premier diagramming application for Mac OS X
Shove notifications from all kinds of things to Growl for display
Free, Open-Source software for OS X
Free Mac software, all open-source, all OS X.
Performance Upgrades; FireWire USB SATA Storage; Memory, used Apple gear (Keyboards, Power Supplies)
Full web page to PNG capture utility
Run Windows alongside OS X in an isolated virtual machine
CodePoetry pa calls to the Mac Password Assistant to assist you in generating good passwords
Merge and reorder PDFs
Take Control of Permissions in Mac OS X
Converting video media made easy again.
Mac productivity tools (Textpander)
Included Minuteur a kitchen timer for your mac
The Top Ten Most Beautiful OS X Apps
Fat Cat Software's multiple library manager from iTunes (4 mice)
GUI interface to renice
Purdue University Macintosh Users Group
MySQL Database Tool
Mac OS X at your Fingertips
Command key reference
Ranchero Software
NetNewsWire RSS/Atom news reader
Mac Audio Recording (Tape/Vinyl)
Shareware application that allows tinkering with Safari
We buy used Macs. Get cash for your used Mac, Apple Computer, iPhone or iPods.
Keyboard productivity app for Mac OS X - Killing mice, one at a time.
Raging Menace's software to make your trackpad do tricks like scrolling on an older PowerBook
How To Backup Your Mac Intelligently
Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology for the Mac
Print envelopes from the address book
Powerful Spam Filtering for Mac OS X
Protection for Mobile Devices (SeeThru for Powerbook)
ERD tool
MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows
Show the alerts you care about (mail, todo, etc.) in a status bar at the bottom of the screen saver
Advanced mouse driver.
Heroic System Recovery for Mere Mortals
Widget to get the html code for symbols like  
SymbolicLinker takes the hassle out of symlinking by allowing their creation in the finder
Automatically synchronize your music
Fix the colors in the
Intelligent text cleaning
Mac tech blog
Task management on the Mac
Deeper (Change hidden OSX settings)
FastMac - TruePower UCS Power Outlet With Built in USB Ports
Finally a decent desktop and toolbar tool to see what is playing in iTunes
Universal Mac driver for all rodentia
40 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts for Finder
Remote control KVM over TCP/IP (OS Agnostic)
The Universal Video Converter for Mac.
Mellel is a word processor for scholars, technical and creative writers
Mac Address Book's new best friend - Parse name and address data from the clipboard to an address book entry
How to Install Subversion on Mac OS X
By Mac Users, For Mac Users - Everything Apple from beginner to expert / MustHaveSoftware
Keep tabs on your computers IP address
Earthdesk, the nearest thing I have seen to PM Globe (OS/2), and Time Palette global time software
Use your Dell DJ with your Mac
Yet Another Birthday Importer
Window management for your Mac made easy - Like Mondo Mouse, but it works!
A better shell for OSX