Links — Art

Nicole Meyer's project to make a logo for every Minnesota Lake; all 10,000+
Cartoon and Animation Blog
Beautiful original Prairie Style panels
Turning childrens monster art into oil paintings
Free goodies for your desktop
Where ART meets application! Also a great source for wallpaper.
Free Dual Screen Wallpapers
Singapore Americal School Art classes
Amazing storm photography
Seamless pictures. Additional pictures at the bottom before the comments begin.
Land of Make Believe Home page
Artwork and Heart2Heart Dolls
Photo Galleries at
Easy and affordable vector drawing for your Mac!
Wallpapers galore
Paintings in Oil
Find a artist in Minnesota
Fonts of every shape and style
The museum of mid-century illustration
Draw cartoons, art, brainstorms, anything.
3D Modeling tool from Google
Vintage Posters
Your source for free Christmas typefaces.