Tweet: Do you have a @ROADiD? I wear mi…

Do you have a @ROADiD? I wear mine all the time; you never know when you might get hit by the pie truck, and who w…

Who’s on First

Diagram of one of the greatest comedy routines of all time by Abbott & Costello:
Number Position Description Player Name
31BFirst BaseWho
42BSecond BaseWhat
53BThird BaseI don’t know
6SSShort StopI don’t give a darn
7LFLeft FieldWhy
8CFCenter FieldBecause
9RFRight FieldNobody
Whos on first

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Tweet: That’s what we call “Ugly Ame…

That’s what we call “Ugly Americans.” Ouch. I can never unsee this.

Tweet: How do you replace the brakes on …

How do you replace the brakes on a figure skating trick?

Cleveland Indians

I was so happy to see that Major League Baseball has finally grown a spine and told the Cleveland Indians that they need to get rid of their racist mascot, Chief Wahoo.  There was an art exhibition in 2000 at the Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies that I remembered seeing covered in the newspaper and I found it at the University of Minnesota Media Archive here: Oscar Arredondo: Welcome to Cleveland, Home of the… which casts many different groups in the same light as Chief Wahoo.  Well worth a look.

Tweet: Got this from my kid. Sums it up …

Got this from my kid. Sums it up quite nicely.

Are we there yet?

The IEEE Spectrum magazine of February 2008, in an article on 60Ghz silicon transceivers, said:

The electronic devices in our homes and offices will be chattering furiously and wirelessly in another five to 10 years.  Cables will go the way of the buggy whip.

I certainly hope this is true, but today, 22-Feb-2008, I’m wondering if this will be true with another technology like optical instead of electro-mechanical means.