Locking my Mac

For quite some time, I’ve used Quicksilver to host a trigger that allowed me to lock my Mac with the option-l keystroke, but recently I decided that that wasn’t good enough, so I wrote a little AppleScript that I tied to the trigger that also pauses iTunes.  This way I can lock my machine, and pause the music until I return.  Here’s the script I wrote:

-- Script to lock the system and stop the current playlist 

-- pause the music
if application "iTunes" is running then
   tell application "iTunes" to pause
end if

-- start the current screen saver
tell application "System Events" to start current screen saver

Why would you use fast user switching on Mac

Give presentations: If you give presentations using your Mac, a presentation account is a must-have.  No need to let your audience see your messy desktop, or the contents of your hard drive.  Create a presentation account, and use that account when presenting.  That way you’ll show no messy desktop—only the stock OS X files you want your audience to see.

via Macworld