Missed my regular 74 bus this morning by about 30 seconds and had to wait for the next one twelve minutes later.  I think I will work harder to get to the 7:13 bus, as the later one was packed.  I have a meeting on University Avenue in the early evening, so I’m going to take the Green Line for the first time and check that out, should be interesting.

Riding the Bus

Monday’s ride to and from work was uneventful.

Tuesday during the day I had to attend a retirement party for a guy that I worked with at MDE, so I drove to work.  I’m keeping a paper diary of my commutes which will summarize every month.

New Year’s resolutions

I’m back from a week of work related travel last week, so I’ve started my New Year’s resolution to start riding the bus to work again.  I also adjusted my ActiveLink goal to four activity points per day.  This eating right, exercising and reducing your carbon footprint seems like it’s gonna be a lot of work right now, but I’m chairing the alternative transit committee at work, so I gotta put my money where my mouth is.  When the weather gets better, I can swap out the bus for riding my bike.