1. I have the same issue.
    I wonder if this is a Yosemite issue.
    I’m also experiencing slow shutdowns ( stuck dock, menubar disappearance,prior shutdown).
    Sometimes if I force quite ‘coreaudiod’ process in Activity Monitor then the shutdown proceeds normally.

  2. same here. And there are other processes that also not responding. They are indentityservicesd, iCloud helper.

    I can make phone call from Mac via iPhone thru WiFi to another phone fine. I can login to my iCloud account and manage them.

    No other malfunction noticed so far, but of course, many not responding processes in Activity Monitor never happen before.
    Causes and fix is appreciated

  3. bluetoothaudiod

    All not responding

  4. I have filed bug report to Apple in both bugreport site and Appleseed. They come back and ask for system profile and system diagnostic report.

    I have sent them. Will update if any info.

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