Give pees a chance

Officials in Amsterdam have installed 12 hemp-filled urinals around the city’s notorious red-light district in an attempt to control if not eliminate late-night public urination, or “wild peeing.”  The boxes, called GreenPees, resemble planters, according to CNN, and the hemp filters inside turn urine into an organic fertilizer and water that feed the plantings on top.  During initial trials in 2018, inventor Richard de Vries said, “there was a 50% reduction in wild peeing.  It was a great success.”  For his next project, de Vries is researching how electricity can be generated whenever someone pees into one of his GreenPees.

NEWS OF THE WEIRD, Star-Tribune, 2020-09-12

Mediæval Time

The monasterial rule (which before the general introduction of clocks was commonly followed by the mediæval public in the computation of time) divided the twenty-four hours of the day and night into seven parts (six of three hours each and one of six), the inception of which was denoted by the sound of the bells that summoned the clergy to the performance of the seven canonical offices i.e. Matins at 3 AM, Prime at 6 AM, Tierce at 9 AM, Sexte or Noonsong at Noon, None at 3 PM, Vespers or Evensong at 6 PM and Complines or Nightsong at 9 PM, and at the same time served the laity as a clock.
Time Canonical Office
03:00 Matins
06:00 Prime
09:00 Tierce
12:00 Sexte or Noonsong
15:00 None
18:00 Vespers or Evensong
21:00 Complines or Nightsong
The Decameron: The Classic Translation of John Payne, by Giovanni Boccaccio, John Payne (Translator)

Taxonomy of a pandemic

  • The virus: SARS-CoV-2 Possible patient 0: 2019-12-20, a 61-year-old man from Wuhan, China, presented to the Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital with a fever and a strong cough.
  • The resulting disease: COVID-19
  • The prognosis 2020-07-14: World Health Organization warns that the pandemic may get “worse and worse and worse.”

A.D. 2020

I’m sorry [Insert something miserable here] happened.  Now let’s get on with our miserable lives.

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That’s a nice way to say that…

Sugar Honey Ice Tea

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Marble Race on the Marble Machine X! Who will Win?

John and Jon call play by play on the Marble Race on the Marble Machine X!  Who will Win?

Basic biology

It’s really hard to place trust a President that seems not to have even the tiniest understanding about biology, except perhaps where to stick his penis.  His comment yesterday Trump: Is There a Way We Can Do Something With Disinfectant? is unbelievable.  How do we get rid of this bozo?