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Can’t ride through that!

How many ounces of water you need per hour

Temperature Factor * weight in pounds Weight (lbs) Result (oz/hr)
Below 75F .15 175 26.25
180 27
185 27.75
Above 75F .18 175 31.5
180 32.4
185 33.3

Bicycling magazine, August 2017

Finished my ride for the day…

See my Strava Riding report for 2017.  All in all a good year.  No serious accidents this year, Yippee!

Every morning at our house

via Dustin Comics

Thanks to CJ for alerting me to this spectacular cartoon that ran on 2017-07-16 in the Pioneer Press!

… and take the lane

You gotta fight!  For your right!  To … cyyyyyyycle! When cycling on a busy road it is tempting to ride right up to the curb, and in reality, other vehicles might try to force you over there.  But on a busy road you are well within your rights to cycle in the middle of the lane so you can see the road.  This doesn’t need to be done all the time, but where there are many parked cars, or a blind right turn ahead, it’s usually a safer position for you to be riding in.

via The Guardian

What I love

What I love about cycling, in order: 1. Everything.

Bill Strickland, Cycling magazine, June 2015

The ride

Some do the ride even though they can’t do the ride, and eventually they can do the ride.  Some never do the ride, and can never do the ride.

Bill Strickland, Cycling, September 2015, Pg 18