Suggested rule additions

From: Jonathan Lord

Date: 2019-09-19 9:39 PM


I know it sounds like I have a zipper fetish, but I think these are pragmatic suggestions that will save new adherents to the way immense frustration.

Rule #96 // Jerseys shall be full zip.
When wearing bibs, the pockets of quarter-zip jerseys must be unloaded of two-way radio, phone, wallet, first-aid kit, food, rain-cape, tube, pump, et cetera in order for any or all above not to fall onto the floor, or worse, the hole of the biffy when attempting to lift the laden jersey over your head to use the facilities. With a full zip jersey, you may unzip, neatly place the jersey out of the way, then take care of your business.

Rule #97 // Jackets shall have two-way zippers.
Nothing is worse than realizing that you need to get into the back pocket of your jersey after you have zipped your jacket, and must fully unzip from the top in order to get into the pocket, then try to get the zipper back together once your back pocket excursion has been accomplished.

Best regards,
Jonathan Lord
Saint Paul, Minnesota