MS-150 2013 recap

Details of my rides on Saturday and Sunday for the MS-150.  The statistics on this page are from my cycling computer on the bike.  Cyclemeter also keeps statistics, but I do walk around with it in my pocket, so the numbers are slightly different from those on the bike.

Day 1 – Saturday

A lovely day with light winds and partly cloudy skies.

  • Start time: 07:53
  • Finish time: 16:28
  • Miles: 74.95
  • Average speed: 12.4 MPH
  • Max speed: 35.8 MPH — On a hill outside of Proctor.  I think this is the fastest I ever want to ride.  Good thing I was the only rider on the road (as I was the sweep rider), and that the county had filled the potholes that were there in previous years.
  • Saddle time: 6:00:58
  • Track: Cyclemeter ride link

Day 2 – Sunday

A rainy day from Hinckley to past Rush City then clearing until Hugo, and rain to the finish line.

  • Start time: 06:29
  • Finish time: 13:03
  • Miles: 75.46
  • Average speed: 13.2
  • Max speed: 22.1
  • Saddle time: 5:40:41
  • Track: Cyclemeter ride link


Today is the day.  The bike is clean and lubricated, and all my junk is packed.  Off to Century College to turn in the check I got, get on the bus, and hang out with my friend Craig in Duluth.

The weather looks like it will be much more favorable than last year.  Yippee!

Today’s MS-150 hint

When you drop your bike off at the trailer to be transported to Proctor High School on Friday, take a plastic grocery sack and tie it over your saddle. The bikes lay out on the football field overnight, and the dew is generally heavy, so that will keep the saddle nice and dry for the ride the next morning.  Also bring a second sack with you to do the same when you check your bike into the corral in Hinckley for the night after the ride on Saturday.