MS-150 2013 recap

Details of my rides on Saturday and Sunday for the MS-150.  The statistics on this page are from my cycling computer on the bike.  Cyclemeter also keeps statistics, but I do walk around with it in my pocket, so the numbers are slightly different from those on the bike.

Day 1 – Saturday

A lovely day with light winds and partly cloudy skies.

  • Start time: 07:53
  • Finish time: 16:28
  • Miles: 74.95
  • Average speed: 12.4 MPH
  • Max speed: 35.8 MPH — On a hill outside of Proctor.  I think this is the fastest I ever want to ride.  Good thing I was the only rider on the road (as I was the sweep rider), and that the county had filled the potholes that were there in previous years.
  • Saddle time: 6:00:58
  • Track: Cyclemeter ride link

Day 2 – Sunday

A rainy day from Hinckley to past Rush City then clearing until Hugo, and rain to the finish line.

  • Start time: 06:29
  • Finish time: 13:03
  • Miles: 75.46
  • Average speed: 13.2
  • Max speed: 22.1
  • Saddle time: 5:40:41
  • Track: Cyclemeter ride link