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In-person meetings

When in-person meetings disappeared last year, they were replaced with a weird, new kind of Zoom briefing. In some ways it was more efficient: Each moment of a video meeting is dominated by a single […]

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Good employees follow processes. Great employees tweak processes. Exceptional employees find ways to reinvent processes, not just because they are expected to … but because they just can’t help themselves. Unknown, but I first ran […]

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On 2020…

Never make Father Time say “Hold my beer” while he attempts some new move that will really put him in the record books. James Lileks, Star-Tribune, 2021-01-04


Happy New Year

Boy… if there ever was a year that we wanted to forget, then it would be the terrible, horrible, miserable, very-bad year that was 2020. And we didn’t even get flying cars — which was […]