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Guess we need to put audible warnings on the weapons that activate when drawn from the holster, “Handgun drawn” or “Taser drawn.”  Or take them away entirely.

Magic autonomous vehicles

Car jumps median, hits busA Minneapolis Park Police officer examined the crash scene Friday after a woman’s car jumped the median and struck a school bus at the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and Vineland Place […]
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How far we’ve come

I get the Bloomberg Technology email blast every morning, and this one hit home particularly. I can’t believe that I’ve been working in tech for 37 years, and the items she mentions aren’t even the […]

Kate Knuth

I don’t know if I can support her candidacy against Tim Walz, she reminds me too much of the women who played Nate’s wife on Six Feet Under. I don’t know if I could get […]