Hi, I’m J.Lo

  • An ’80s cast member, this “J.Lo” returned to “SNL” in 2020 to play President Trump’s lawyer Alan Dershowitz – Jon Lovitz
  • Boxing’s greatest “J.Lo” of all time, he had a sports arena named after him in Detroit that was known locally as “the Joe” – Joe Louis
  • You can buy a copy of “The Call of the Wild” at the gift shop in the California state park dedicated to this “J.Lo” – Jack London
  • A 17th-century philosopher who defended “life, liberty and property”, this “J.Lo” influenced the founding fathers – John Locke
  • Before Jennifer Lopez was even born, this “J.Lo” played Timmy’s mom on “Lassie” from 1958-’64 – June Lockheart
  • My ass ain’t that big – Jonathan Lord

All except the last one from Celebrity Triple Jeopardy! Round, 2023-10-11