A funny horoscope

I have seen some pretty off the mark horoscopes but this one takes the cake… Read this one cuz you can't lose even if you're born under the most ill-fated star there is… You should really try this… It's really weird but it's funny!!!

Write your answers down on a piece of paper… No cheating… Don't scroll down.

  1. Name of a person of the opposite sex
  2. Favorite color out of red, black, blue, green, and yellow
  3. Your first initial
  4. Your birth month
  5. Do you like white or black better?
  6. Name of person of the same sex
  7. Favorite number
  8. Do you like California or Florida better?
  9. Do you like the ocean or the lake better?
  10. Make a realistic wish (not some stupid thing that you KNOW won't happen!)


keep going…………



Here is the code to your answers!

  1. Is the name of the person you are deeply in love with, or soon will be.
  2. If you chose:
    Red- You are a very alert person and your life is full of love.
    Black- You keep mostly to your self and you are very aggressive.
    Green- You are a wild and wacky person and you like to kiss and make out.
    Blue- You are a mellow person but, you like to party.
    Yellow- You are a bright and cheery person and you like to make others in your life happy.
  3. If your initial is:
    A-K: You have lots of love in your life and most likely you currently have a crush.
    L-R: You usually have a fun time in life and your love life is about to start booming.
    S-Z: You like to party and you will be very successful later on in life.
  4. If you were born in:
    JAN-MAR: You will have a good year over all and you will soon have a crush or you already do.
    APR-JUNE: Your love life will start booming soon and whatever happens will last for a long time.
    JULY-SEPT: You will have a good year in love, and your current life will soon take a turn for the better.
    OCT-DEC: You have a pretty good love life going for you but it will soon grow.
  5. If you chose:
    Black- Your life will take a slight turn for the best and you will have a pretty good love life and year.
    White- You will soon develop a crush of your own and have a good year.
  6. This person is one of your best friends.
  7. This number is how many days it will take for you and the person in #1 to get together.
  8. If you chose:
    Florida- You like parties and you are usually hyper.
    California- You like making out and parties.
  9. If you chose:
    Ocean- You are wild person and you love to make out.
    Lake- You are a mellow person and you like to keep to yourself.
  10. Your wish will only come true if you send this to 10 or more people.

Have fun !!!