A Tribute

The time stood still on 9/11

the lines were long that day in heaven

Our lives and hearts were torn apart

Too soon to leave, too young to part

It came upon the wings of steel

the terror we once thought unreal

From twisted minds came evil's fury

they made their plans as judge and jury

They thought us weak, with no defense

They targeted our innocence

They didn't think that we could cope

they tried to take away our hope

They hit us hard, our souls to sever

with cuts so deep they'd last forever

The impact would be felt worldwide

With condemnation unified

It ripped right through all walks of life

Father, daughter, husband, wife

The lives of young and old were shattered

Religions, races, nothing mattered

Innocents without a sin

Courageous servants rushing in

Brave men women, sons mothers

Sacrificing, saving others

Our world will never be the same

since once upon a time they came

and began to play their deadly games

with hidden lives and made-up names

But through the ashes, hope survives

and fills us with its rising tides

We stand together, tall proud

Our will is strong, our voices loud.

Too RED the blood, too WHITE the dust,

True BLUE the heroes we gave our trust.

The colors of our flags kept flying

while a part of every heart was dying.

We've learned some lessons, faced our fears

We can be strong and show our tears

From every corner of our nation

We'll show you our determination

You thought you beat us with your terror

But that will be your gravest error

You may have taken down our towers

But you've not yet seen our finest hours

Tell all good nations, we will lead 'em

We'll triumph with enduring freedom

We will not bow down, no, not again!


by Alan Lord, 12-September-2002