Airline Security

I heard on ABC News this morning that an ABC news reporter was travelling from Cleveland to NYC and described the intense security he faced departing from Cleveland:

He was not allowed in the terminal without a ticket, 2 body xrays, several "Wand" scans to detect metal (they made him discard a roll of mints because of the wrapper) and they did a thorough search of his carry-on. They made him discard all shaving equipment, nail clippers, files, etc, and ALL sharp objects!

In the gate area, the concessions had NO plastic knives or sharp utensils.

He said he was very impressed with the caution taken.

Then he boarded the plane and after being airborn, the ailine gave every passanger a snack that INCLUDED A PLASTIC KNIFE!


(no airline was identified in the report)

via eMail, Sat, 15 Sep 2001 10:34:10 EDT