Anagrams at their best!  Get good at these and you can shine at the game “Cranium”!

  • George Bush: He bugs Gore.
  • Dormitory: Dirty room.
  • Evangelist: Evil’s agent.
  • Presbyterian: Best in prayer.
  • Desperation: A rope ends it.
  • The morse code: Here come dots.
  • Slot machines: Cash lost in me.
  • Animosity: Is no amity.
  • Mother-in-law: Woman Hitler.
  • Snooze alarms: Alas!  No more Z’s.
  • A decimal point: I’m a dot in place.
  • The earthquakes: That queer shake.
  • Eleven plus two: Twelve plus one.
  • President Clinton of the USA: To copulate he finds interns.
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