BAD 2009

Today is Blog Action Day, and the topic this year is Climate Change.

Of course I couldn’t think of anything to write, but I have noticed that there are a lot more dead trees around the City of Saint Paul in the last year; and that normally in September we get a substantial amount of rain which didn’t happen this year.

And this month, October, we’ve gotten two snow storms already, when we rarely get snow until the middle of November.

This sure seems like our climate is changing… so what are we going to do about it?

I’ve been working for years to try and impress upon my family that the little inconveniences that they endure are good for the planet; like turning down the heat, and installing a tankless water heater, and using compact fluorescent light bulbs, and recycling as much waste as we can; contributes to slowing the climate change that the reckless use of natural resources fosters.

And this week, I came across information that you don’t need to use warm water to wash your hands; another victory for keeping the planet livable.