Hello Folks:

We thought when we moved to Wolfeboro we would be out of the country and in a more populated area. Now the rest of the story—- Dot was on the phone with our Kezar Falls daughter, and I was watching TV on our porch. You know sometimes you can sense a person looking at you even though you are looking in another direction. Well, in this case I felt someone was looking in the window by my head. I looked around and saw a bear on his hind legs looking in to see if there was anyone home. I told Dot to look at the bear looking in the window. I think she thought I was having another crazy spell.( I get them after a bad day at golf) but she said a swear word and told Dawn what was out there. I went to get the camera, which I could not find, and then went to the sliding glass door and told the big guy to take off. He did ———— Now the rest of the story… She called some of the neighbors, and one of them said he had seen the bear around noon time out in back of his place. George and Dotty (Kraff) Doran was so interested they came to the door to hear more. I got up to answer the bell and Dot said he was coming back. I got them in the house just as the bruin was coming out into the open. He rolled around playing with a ceramic frog the lady left here when she moved to FL. Then he looked at a black life sized golfer made out of plywood my daughter gave me for Christmas. As luck would have it he did not make love to it, so it is all intact. He then jumped on a wooden bench Bobby made for us several years ago, and proceeded to eat the " H " off the Churchill letters that were glued on the back of the bench; this was alittle upsetting to me, so I took a BB gun pistol that was not far away and very slowly opened the door. I shot for his middle, because this gun is not the most accurate thing I have ever used, and sure enough I hit him, where it hurt. I think maybe he thought it was a hornet, because all he did was scratch that area. The next time I aimed a little higher and got him in the neck. Now "bear" in mind all you nature lovers, that this BB gun will not shoot through a shoe box. The BBs go in one side and don't even dent the other. So all I did was scare him. I hope.

To end a very boring story I will tell you that Dot and I have packed our bags, and we are taking the first plane for FL. where it will be safe to go out for a walk.

I called my cousin Jim Black from our old town, Kezar Falls to ask him if he had ever tried shooting a bear with an air rifle, and he admitted that this had not crossed his mind. I think he has shot 50 bears in his life time but I am one up on him.

Thanks for your time; see you in Florida. Bob (Churchill)

via eMail, Mon, 18 Jun 2001 23:10:11 EDT