Big Fat Greek Problem

In preparing to be host of next summer’s Olympics, Athens has faced the usual hurdles, like finding enough hotel space and finishing construction on the venues.  But some less conventional problems have cropped up too. Initially, the government planned to license extra brothels to meet surging demand during the Games (at the Sydney Olympics[2000], 10,000 prostitutes serviced some 150,000 clients daily).  After protests, including those of the powerful Greek Orthodox Church, the government backed down.

Time magazine: 15 December 2003

I found this especially interesting; but what was really interesting was the lack of a number from the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter games.  I guess the controversy over bid rigging for the host city was more important than the number of hookers SLC provided.  I guess the other article that was in this issue about how SLC is trying to get revenue from the under-utilized resorts and facilities didn’t need to be tainted by the insinuation that even the bastion of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints might have those who ply the world’s oldest profression.