Brilliant Ploy

Two days ago, Apple Inc. Chair, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at Macworld in San Francisco.  Today, the web is abuzz with news that Cisco Systems, Inc. is suing Apple because it owns the iPhone trademark.

By ignoring that fact and calling the new OS X phone by that name, he has firmly implanted that name in the conciousness of every geek on the planet.  So even if they have to pay Cisco to resolve the suit, and has to call the device by another name, everyone will forever call it the “iPhone” no matter what; so Jobs still wins in the hearts and minds department even if it costs him a little money to get Cisco off his back.  Plus, no matter what device Cisco releases with that name, it’ll never be as cool and useful, or both as the Apple device.

I think the device is spectacular… now if I can just wait until June before I have to get a cell phone again.