Bush Presidential Library

I jokingly asked my High School friend Louis the librarian, “So how large a library will they be building to hold Bush’s coloring book collection?”  And his response was:

I envision it as an amusement park.  You know, the Guantanamo torture chamber, the Shattered Economy Coaster (it just goes down into the abyss), Dick Cheney Gun Range, the exclusive Liars’ Club, Abu Ghraib Play Area, the Optical Illusion Zone (find Osama or WMD, you pick), and the Mission Accomplished Propaganda Center.

And we can put his coloring books and Dick and Jane collection in the gift shop.

I think that sums up the prior administration admirably.  We should make sure that there is a waterboard exhibit where you can provide “extraordinary rendition” to Donald Rumsfeld.  And, perhaps they’ll have “Scooter” Libby as the docent to the Liars’ Club.

The one person that I’m sorry got sucked into the maelstrom was Colin Powell; I guess since he jumped from the Republican ship and supported Obama we should give him a pass.

It will be interesting to see is if any of the top level cabinet officials get arrested by a civilized country if they attempt to travel outside the United States.  The December Harpers article Justice after Bush: Prosecuting an outlaw administration certainly gives good warning to them.

What exhibits would you like to see at the Bush Presidential Library?