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Sunday and yesterday, I experienced the wonder, beauty and glamour that is business travel by air.  I went to Atlanta on Sunday with three of my former confederates to see if someone was interested in buying the company was my former employer.

I had forgotten the endless sitting waiting for a plane and the inhumanity of airport security.  I think I’ll make sure that any jobs I apply to have a minimal amount of that kind of job activity.

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  1. They recommend getting to the Tel Aviv airport at least three hours before leaving. Good reason too, I had to go through two security checks including ion sniffing and x-rays before even getting to the ticket counter. After the ticket counter and customs, I had to go through x-ray, pat down, and ion sniffing yet again to get into the air terminal.

    I finally decided that flying in the US wasn’t that bad.

    In fun news, getting through airports in Russia is pretty quick. Walk in the front door, get x-rayed, smile at the guard, get your ticket, and board a plane.

    My favorite airport security check yet though is when taking the Korea Air airport bus from downtown Seoul to Incheon, it’s executive service all the way. From the time you get off the bus to getting through customs and security is under 10 minutes. I think five of those I spent looking for the Executive entrance. It’s on the opposite side of the public.

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