Can you help rid the world of MS?

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On Friday through Sunday, 8 – 10 June, 2012, I am going to be participating in the Multiple Sclerosis 150 Minnesota bicycle tour from Duluth to the Twin Cities.  The purpose of my participation is to raise funds for National MS research and support programs offered through the Minnesota Chapter of the MS Society.

Riding is a small thing for me to do for people who face the devastating and relentless effects of MS every day.  With each mile I ride, I hope to bring the National MS Society closer to a cure.

I have two friends who have MS, they need the help and support of the programs offered by the MS Society, and it would be great to see this horrible ailment eradicated.  If you could spare as little as $0.10 per mile for my journey and make a pledge of $15.00 it would really help.  Just remember that any pledge that you make is tax deductible too, if that makes it easier for you to pledge above the ten cents per mile level.  In addition, the MS Society makes it really easy for you make a donation to sponsor me; just follow the link to my donation page below and enter a pledge of support.

If you can help, we may be able to eradicate this crippler of young adults in our lifetime.

The MS Society provides an easy way for you to sponsor me by simply clicking the picture above to be directed to their site, or following this link: MS Society.

Thanks for your support!