Cell phone use makes driving dangerous!

Pilot fish takes this Friday off for a backpacking trip with a friend in Texas hill country.  At least he’s supposed to have the day off.

“At breakfast I get a call on my cell,” fish says.  “The server has gone down and I’m the only sysadmin.  I spend about 15 minutes talking to them as I eat breakfast, then give them a few things to try before calling me back.

“As we’re leaving the city, I get another call, give them a few more suggestions and hang up.”

Fish isn’t surprised when his phone rings again.  But by now the situation is different.  “Now we’re into the hill country — winding roads with many a steep drop-off,” he says.  “I tell them that if my phone suddenly goes dead, I’ve probably driven off the side of the road and my death is all their fault.

“About two minutes into the call, I drive out of range and lose the connection.  My friend and I look at each other, then we start laughing so hard I almost drive off the road.”

Shark Tank by Sharky: Computerworld, 18 Nov 2005

It’s not often that one of these Shark Tank episodes really make me laugh, but this one really hit me as funny.