December IEEE Spectrum

The three most interesting things in the magazine this month were:

  • About the emerging use of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) in devices that will be able to be reconfigured into new devices programatically. Not just by adding new software to the device, but actually reconfiguring the hardware on the fly.  It was a personal-digital-assistant, but now it’s a gameboy.  Cool!  Go Reconfigure and Machine Chameleon.
  • 5 Commandments, on how engineering heuristic laws haven’t always held up.  Interesting given that Moore’s Law was predicted this week to end in 2018.  Check this blog then to see if it has held out.
  • Last, but not least; Antelope Technologies, Inc. is selling a mobile computer core that moves from machine to machine so you don’t sync data any more, you can just move the machine (core and data) from your desktop to a handheld and keep processing.  No rebooting.

We live in such a wonderful technogeek time.  In a hundred years, they will think that this was the dark ages, but who cares.