Finally a cure

Finally there is a cure for addiction.  We were watching Headline News, and a commercial for the book, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure came on.  When I went to the URL I found this site for Passages Malibu who’s tagline is “The World’s premier addiction cure center.”

I wonder if they have a money back guarantee?

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  1. OMG! get this…Every week, each client‚Äôs team of 10 treatment therapists meet with him or her in one-on-one sessions, more than 15 individual sessions each week, and then all the therapists meet to discuss their various findings and redesign the treatment program for the coming week.
    Can you imagine? I’ll keep doing my “rehabilitation” the easier, softer way, 60-120 minutes at a time with 4-100 People like me…

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