Program friendships are special

Until we came into the program we may have thought that friendships were all alike.  We counted on friends to socialize and gossip, and to share a secret with.  But when we were really scared about our lives and the future, we felt too vulnerable to let anyone else know our innermost thoughts.

What relief the program has brought us and what good friends!  No problem seems as terrifying now that we are no longer shouldering it alone.  Having to make a decision no longer overwhelms us when we have other people to discuss it with.  Letting ourselves be deeply cared for, with all our faults, is a new experience too.  All these gifts come automatically to us within the fellowship.  All that is asked of us is that we be a friend too.

I will extend my heart in friendship today, and my concerns will be lightened.

A Life of My Own by Karen Casey ©1993