Full set

After six years of problems with one of my molars, the crown was cemented on my dental implant this morning.  After a crown, a root canal, an extraction, an implant, and finally the new crown, I can chew with the left side of my mouth, and eat popsicles without pain.  Yipee!

It all started in July of 2000 with a cracked tooth.  I had a crown installed in August of that year and it was never really comfortable.  It was sensitive to cold and I had finally had it last December when they suggested doing a root canal to relieve the pressure when I was chewing.  That solution lasted one day, then I was back in the office a week later after the tooth finally had cracked through.  They did an extraction and bone graft, then three months later in March, they drilled a hole and screwed in a titanium implant.  Three months later they took the cap off the implant and screwed a post into the implant, took an impression of my upper and lower jaw, popped on a temporary crown; then two weeks later, they pop off the temporary and cement the permanent crown onto the post.  But, my dentist says that I should never have any additional trouble with that tooth.

Maybe I should have all of them out and replaced with implants.