Funny Crazy Eights


Single Deck = 4 people

Double Deck = 6 or more

Deal each player 8 cards

Turn one card up

Next player plays same suit or same face value.  If you can't follow suit, draw a card.

Jack is wild.  Can play anytime.  Can name own suit.

Ace = Reverses the play until another Ace is played

7 = Next player loses his turn

2 = Next player draws two cards no discard

Joker = Next player must take five cards from pack.  Continue playing suit that precedes joker

Must declare 'last card' or else draw two cards.


Game goes to 500 Points

2-9 = 5 points

10-K = 10 points

Ace = 15 points

Jack = 25 points

Joker = 50 points

Note we didn't handle the joker right.  You do get to play after drawing your five cards.

Doreen Jordan 16 October 2000