Harry Potter

I finished the “Half-Blood Prince” the other day (27 December 2005), and I want to let you know my prediction for the end of the series.  I’m really horrible at this, but it’ll be fun to see how close my prediction is to the real deal when it gets published.  So here it is: Harry Potter and Voldemort will kill each other simultaneously in a duel at the end of the next book.  This will resolve the conflict, and allow J. K. Rowling to move on to something else without being tied to Potter for the rest of her days.

Come back and post a comment to this entry when the next book comes out.


  1. Hey Dad,
    I think you are wrong! Remeber in the 4th book when they fought and simultaneously they attacked each other? And their wands were put together? That would just happen again in the 7th book. I figure Harry will destroy all of the Horcrux’s and then kill Voldemort. She won’t have write Harry Potter stuff all her life. People won’t nag her when the serries is finally finished.

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