Indian Bummer

Pammy’s not the only one who thinks I’m out of alignment.  I recently suggested that if Microsoft moves its training operations to the Far East, MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) might soon mean Microsoft Curry Seasoning Expert.  Apparently the curry comment made some readers hot under the collar.  Let me be clear: I meant no offense to the many hard-working, capable members of India’s IT community.  Besides, other readers suggested better alternatives for MCSE: “Must Consult Someone Else” and “Microsoft Can’t Speak English.”

Life on the Ganges: Meanwhile, a major U.S. computer maker that outsources support to India has allegedly told its offshore personnel to lie about their location.  If asked, techies are instructed to tell callers they’re based in Springfield, Missouri.  You know, near the birthplace of that famous literary hero, Huckleberry Singh.

Robert X. Cringely Column- InfoWorld 2003-09-03