Keane Productivity Management Principles

Define the Job inDetail

  • Review Project Environment
  • Organize by Major Business Function
  • Identify Products to be Delivered
  • Document MIS/USER Responsibilities
  • Create "Systems Test Plan"

Involve the Right People

  • Identify Project Personnel
  • Structure Project Responsibilities
  • Establish Roles, Goals & Objectives
  • Subcontract Project Teams.
  • Create "Winning Environment"

Estimate the Time & Costs

  • Avoid "Premature Cost Precision"
  • Include Everything in Your Estimate
  • Estimate both Elapsed Time and Dollars
  • Document Estimating Assumptions
  • Establish "Budget for Change"

Break the Job Down

  • Define all Tasks in "80 Hours" or Less
  • Translate Estimate into Products
  • Identify each "80 Hours" into Deliverables
  • Obtain Individual Product Commitment
  • Create "Weekly Status Reporting"

Set Up Change Procedure

  • Define Procedures for Changes
  • Document all Scope Changes
  • Determine Impact of Changes
  • Obtain Budget/Time Authorization
  • Ageee to "Manage Changes"

Agree on Acceptance Critera

  • Formally Agree on Acceptance Criteria
  • Document Series of Approvals
  • Identify Appropriate Personnel
  • Establish Key Authorization to Proceed
  • Agree/Deliver/Approve = "DONE"