Ken Starr Chatroom

At the urging of Vice President Al Gore and senior advisor Ira Magaziner, the White House has persuaded Special Prosecutor Ken Starr to conduct the Clinton/Starr testimony in an AOL chat room — grand jury testimony for the twenty-first century.

STARRMAN: did you at any time have sxl rltns with ms lewinsky;
PREZ179: i never brok the laws in this country
STARRMAN: nd if so, did you or anyone on yr staff advise ms lewnisky
PREZ179: there is no sxual rltnshp
STARRMAN: to conceal infmtn re this rltnshp?
STARRMAN: did you say you did no break the laws OF this cntry or IN this country ?
PREZ179: that's a very good question an im glad you aksed
PREZ179: you know, as i was on my way to this hearing, i stopt over at one of the pubic schools
PREZ179: the schools right here in the captial, and one of they students, a real
PREZ179: really bright young girl. of 9 yrs old i should say, and a really bright kid, said to me mr president my name is shaniquah and im wodnering
FunBOY: age/sex check?
STARRMAN: well, to return to my previous line of questioning, when you were
STARRMAN: deposed in the orgnl puala jones suit on or about dec TK 1997, we
STARRMAN: were yr answers to those questions trthful to the best of yr knowldge?
PREZ179: nd it ocurred to me that little shaniqa's question was something th
PREZ179: that all americans would like to know
FunBOY: whatev, im audi
STARRMAN: mr prsndtn, as you know, yr counsel bruce lidnsey has already testi
STARRMAN: testified, and id like to remind yuo that any deviation btwn yr testimony and his will olny prolong this question period. For the
STARRMAN: purpose of this testimony, we are defining sexul relations as
LiveKOKO: nipple orange
STARRMAN: any physical contact with the anus
DrPPatrsn: Koko was commenting on an orange shirt I was wearing earlier. She
DrPPatrsn: uses "nipple" to rhyme with "people". She doesn't actaully sign teh word "people"
STARRMAN: any contact with the gentials
PREZ179: i have had no sxl rltns with gentiles
STARRMAN: , heavy petting, oral or anzl stimulation of the genitals, cunnilingus,
HAVEACOW34: does anybody know about using eudora after installing office 98,,?
STARRMAN: fellation, rogering, felching, coprophagy, sensual use of emetics, di
STARRMAN: uretics, or enemas, heavy (but not lite) B&D, and certain forms of role
STARRMAN: playing
Zutzut5: thre's a role playing game at columbia, well barnard, but it's too "lite" for my
PREZ179: am not currnetly engagin in any of these activieities
JDEAN74:: What does KoKo feel abtou Ndume – koko's mating parnter?
LiveKOKO: bad
LiveKOKO: toilet
LiveKOKO: nipple
FunBOY: Whoa! ( : o )
DrPPatrsn: I think it's about dinner time for Koko now
LiveKOKO: penny let koko talk!
HAVEACOW34: seems to be buggy. ms mail doesn't work to well for me
HAVEACOW34: there's a security bug in ms mail
DrPPatrsn: Ok, she's ready for dinner!
LiveKOKO: penny noodge. penny need rltnshp
PREZ179: dr patterson, i am so fascinated by the work yr doing
PREZ179: i was wodnering if you would like to move over to a diffrnet room
PREZ179: and you and i could discuss this matter
DrPPatrsn: thatnks, um, that wuold be great, but i don't know how koko would feel
LiveKOKO: koko feel nipple
HAVEACOW34: how bout the office version of word 7? it creates "hmtl" as a bluelink text
STARRMAN: Please just answer the question. At any time did you have contact with ms lewniski's
LiveKOKO: nipple
STARRMAN: set of talking points?
PREZ179: man, you sound like a broken record. I think the american people want this
PREZ179: invstigation to be over so i can get back to doing the people
HAVEACOW34: that opens a new brwoser even when u click on it by mistake
PREZ179: doing the people's business. koko, dr p, whaddaya say?
STARRMAN: we are at a stage of gathreing information, and i'd like to wrap this up quickly
PREZ179: this invstgtin has been goin g on for 5 yrs. are we hoping for a quik conclusion?
STARRMAN: i'm asking the questions here
PREZ179: well you suck
Zutzut5: i like the way that looks writtne on the screen-"suck"
STARRMAN: we still have a good deal of material to cover here,
PREZ179: and i will cover it quickly by saying as clearly as i can:
PREZ179: i can affirmatively say no, i am not currently having sxl rltns with that woman
PREZ179: as i affirmed back in janaury
STARRMAN: my question is not are you currently. have you ever at any time
STARRMAN: been felltaed by ms lweinsky?
PREZ179: fellations were made,,
PREZ179: but id like to address anbotyher question…
KNEEpad306: god you are such a lier Big Creep!!!!!
STARRMAN: ms l, please wait for the cross examination period
Zutzut5: trials are a mild turnon
KNEEpad306: think how youd feel
KNEEpad306: if your reptuation was just totally ruined!
PREZ179: i think we can all agree that in a country such as ours, a woman like
PREZ179: this woman – ms lewnisky can speak her miind freely. and that's a freedom
PREZ179: we take for granted all to often.
ALGORE2K: tipper was saying to me just this morning that this is a great example of
ALGORE2K: how the info highway is making govt more responsvie to the amcn people…
KNEEpad306: u know what he calls his di(k?
KNEEpad306: air force one!
KNEEpad306: no, MEN suck!
LiveKOKO: apple bad
DrPPatrsn: koko associats "apple" with "men", so she's agreeing
KNEEpad306: you go girl!
LiveKOKO: you go gorilla
HAVEACOW34: anybody out threre ever see the hall of tortureed souls easter egg in excel?
PREZ179: 306, i fl yr p!
KNEEpad306: god id like to murder you if you werent so cute
PREZ179: im afraid ive got an emergency oval office briefing on the crisis in iraq iraq
PREZ179: im looking forward to answergin all the spec prsoecutor's questions, sooner rathter than later.
PREZ179: Bye
KNEEpad306: Bye
STARRMAN: as for the last question….
STARRMAN: ??????
STARRMAN: well that's it. ive got trash to take out, and im supposed to breif
STARRMAN: jackie judd on some of this stuff later
Zutzut5: so yr just leaving me here alone? what about me
STARRMAN: well sorry, but young women who hang around me get nothing but
STARRMAN: abuse, humiliation and harrassment
Zutzut5: is that all?
STARRMAN: well, also torture, coercion, shame and violation.
Zutzut5: hmm. give me your email address and ill send you my phone #
Zutzut5: Bye
HAVEACOW34: anybody have a problem with ie 4 crashing often?
LiveKOKO: you have to throw out the old version before starting ie 4. Ms has a version on their site that fixes the mail security bug. check it out.