Kill SMS! Die! Die!

So, you’re at the airport and you notice your Treo has gone missing, along with thousands of contacts and emails and plans for the latest acquisition.  After you stop hyperventilating, wouldn’t it be nice to just borrow a fellow traveler’s phone, text your number with one password and know that all your sensitive data was wiped completely from your PDA?  I know I would.  Well, that’s what SMS Kill Pill allows you to do, send an SMS message containing your secret password to your Treo, and all Treo data will be erased and your Treo subsequently reset.Infoworld

That’s all very interesting, but what you really need is the SMS enabled teakettle that my friend Nat who lives in Singapore emailed me about.  He continues in his message of Fri, 14 Oct 2005 02:44:42 -0700 with the comment: “Do you use SMS?  You couldn’t survive without it in Asia.”

And I do use SMS, and have been using it for more than seven years.  I have a regular heartbeat notification that I receive every 4 hours that is only generated when every system I am responsible for is operational.  If I don’t get a message, then I know I need to head to the office to see what’s going on.