Last night I got a call from Hannah tomorrow

She sounded great and gave me the next days weather LIVE, directly from the next day.  Hannah is 14+something hours ahead of us so she gets there before we do, or has already been there by the time we arrive.

I don’t really understand why they get there first. But maybe that is good thing.  Asia has great technology so I say, "Let them check it out while they are there and let us know if there is a problem with it."

Being baffled by this, I decided to check with Steve (you know, my barber.)  Barbers always know what is going on.  People are always stopping in and telling him important information plus, he has the TV on all day long just in case no visitor has any news.  (Except Mondays, when he is closed.  I don’t ask him about Monday stuff)

I felt it was important for me to get Steve’s call on Hannah being in the future.  I felt wrong.  Steve thought the International Dateline was a 900 number.

But it occurred to me that it would work out well if Steve’s Barbershop was in Korea. I mean, of all the 76 magazines he has on his little coffee table, not one is current!  Even the newspapers are a day old.  I’m not sure why Steve even has a coffee table, he doesn’t serve coffee. But, be that as it may, if Steve’s Barbershop was in Korea, it would work out really well for Steve and Me.

You see, if I come in for a haircut and have to wait, I could read the paper. It would be yesterdays paper but Steve would be Korean and I would be getting it on my today.  This would be ok, because Steve would be done with it and he could point me to the really good stories and save me a lot of unnecessary reading. And, he would mind if I tore out something I thought was particularly poignant to my meager existence.

I should ask him about this plan. He might not like it ’cause he just lives over in Haverhill and would probably resent the commute.

Hannah, by the way, sounded great and is adjusting to her new environs. She says she thinks her apartment is made of metal and it has the heating in the floor.  She says if she washes out her clothes she can leave them on the floor to dry.  They get a little crispy, but it works.  (Maybe the crispy would go away at a lower temp?)

I guess one way to tell if her apartment were made of steel is if the key the landlord gave her was a can opener.  (Or, he said, "What key?  Don’t you have a Swiss Army Knife?)

Hannah will have a cell phone soon and she will give as THE CORRECT address for the school.  Apparently we have an incorrect address.

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For those of you who don’t know Steve the Barber see: My barber, Steve