Microsoft Windows98 Upgrade

This was from the body of a message my brother sent me.  He upgraded to Win98 when it came out.  He is pretty technically inclined, not the usual windows user.

I have found out ANOTHER flaw in 98. In order to get any update to the system one has to go to Microsoft's windows update page.  First, for whatever reason, the page comes up blank.  Even more, MS has made it so that you HAVE to use Internet Explorer! In Netscape, MS tells you that you need WINDOWS 98 to access (funny, I thought I was running 98).  So, an even more serious flaw made me erase IE, but I can not even download another copy because, well you guessed it.  In order to download I need to go through WINDOWS UPDATE!  FUCK MICROSOFT ALL TO HELL.  So I sent the DOJ a letter telling them of the problem and to give support to a just cause.  They have a special e-mail address just to handle letters referring to MS.