I was surfing my newsreader and came across the following survey: Top ten things only men can can do.

  1. Go topless
  2. Hold our liquor
  3. Manscape
  4. Navigate spatially
  5. Shave our heads
  6. Play real sports
  7. Fertilize eggs
  8. Pee standing up
  9. F*** things
  10. Age well

Which was a little lot sexist, so I thought, I wonder what are the others are reading on the web, so I backed up to the home page for the site, and found another survey that they had done, Sexuality Survey.  I looked at it and wondered who came up with the questions, because many of the answers don’t correlate.

Then about a week later, Cosmo came up with their own rebuttal.

  1. Get preggers
  2. Fake it
  3. Ask for directions
  4. Look sexy while sipping fruity cocktails
  5. Live longer
  6. Have multiple orgasms
  7. Multitask
  8. Get a new last name
  9. Wear skirts
  10. Get out of a speeding ticket
  11. Become a cougar, not a dirty old man
  12. Wing it on the dance floor…convincingly
  13. Wear high-heels
  14. Flirt with the bouncer
  15. Blame it on PMS
  16. Grow out our hair
  17. Cover up a zit
  18. Get aroused without the entire room knowing it
  19. Wear a thong
  20. Get a manicure
  21. Make a longer list of our talents.