More vocabulary builders (Medical)

BenignWhat you be after you be eight.
ArteryThe study of paintings.
BacteriaBack door to cafeteria.
BariumWhat doctors do when patients die.
Cesarean SectionA neighborhood in Rome.
CATscanSearching for kitty.
CauterizeMade eye contact with her.
ColicA sheep dog.
ComaA punctuation mark.
D & CWhere Washington is.
DilateTo live long.
EnemaNot a friend.
FesterQuicker than someone else.
FibulaA small lie.
GenitalNon-Jewish person.
G.I. SeriesWorld Series of military baseball.
HangnailWhat you hang your coat on.
ImpotentDistinguished, well known.
Labor PainGetting hurt at work.
Medical StaffA Doctor's cane.
MorbidA higher offer than I bid.
NitratesCheaper than day rates.
NodeI knew it.
OutpatientA person who has fainted.
Pap SmearA lie about someone's Pappy.
PelvisSecond cousin to Elvis.
Post OperativeA letter carrier.
Recovery RoomPlace to do upholstery.
RectumDamn near killed him.
SecretionHiding something.
SeizureRoman emperor.
TabletA small table.
Terminal IllnessGetting sick at the airport.
TumorMore than one.
UrineOpposite of you're out.
VaricoseNear by/close by.
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