MS 150

Finished the ride at about 15:40 on Sunday, 14 June, 2009.

The first day was cool with about a 10 MPH headwind all the way down the Munger Trail.  I volunteered to be the Ride Marshal acting as “Sweep Rider” who made sure that no one was left behind.  My day ended with a flat tire about 10 miles from the end and I rode with the Safety team to make sure we hadn’t lost anyone.

The second day was hot and I took regular duty which included helping two people repair flat tires, calling the SAG wagon for one rider, calling to have intersection safety alert people to a particularly nasty set of railroad tracks, and generally trying to keep the enthusiastic crowd on the right side of the yellow line.

In all a great experience and I raised over $2,500.00 dollars to help cure Multiple Sclerosis.  Thanks to everyone who donated.


  1. Jonathan, you’re looking great on the bike. Congratulations on the ride and raising a grand amount.

  2. Congrats! Hope you’re fully recovered from the long days & camping out =)
    I admire you for your commitment to service.

  3. Looking great! Your AZ Sister is proud of you for doing such great work. Hugs & love!!!! Gin

  4. Nice work Jonathan. I can imagine the folks you helped with flats are telling the story about how they were bummed out when they got a flat, but then this “really nice ride marshall” stopped and helped them.

  5. With that outfit you would be easy to spot in the parking lot….
    Way to go Big Guy

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