New windows

Dear Diary,

Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with those expensive double pane energy efficient kind.

But this week I got a call from the contractor who installed them.

He was complaining that the work had been completed a whole year ago and I hadn’t paid for them.

Hellloooo?  Now just because I’m blonde doesn’t mean that I am automatically stupid.

So, I told him just what his fast talking sales guy had told ME last year…namely, that in just ONE YEAR these windows would pay for themselves!

Helllooooo?  It’s been a year! (I told him)

There was only silence at the other end of the line, so I finally just hung up….

He didn’t call back.  Guess I won that stupid argument.

via email from Chris Walsh, Wed, 14 Sep 2005 10:22:18 -0700

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