News Break… Film at 11

"Slain Doctor Worried About His Death"

"There's an overturned tractor-trailer heading north on Route 93."

"The bodies could not be identified because they were found face down."

"Local construction is making it hazardous to drive in some areas of our city. We'll tell you which to avoid on the way home on news tonight at 9:30."

"Doctors say the longer the babies live, the better chance they'll have at surviving."

"Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Vietnam War." (Nice to see the war only lasted one day.)

"So did you see which train crashed into which train first?" — A talk radio interviewer, questioning a 15-year old eyewitness to a head-on train collision. The answer he gave was, "No, they both ran into each other at the same time."

via eMail, Tue, 19 Dec 2000 20:52:35 EST